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Cynthia was born on May 16, 1917 in Jalisco. Registered in Sayula, he lived part of his childhood in the town of San Gabriel. As a writer, Rulfo appropriated the experiences that tear apart the precarious family order: war, dispossession, orphanhood; and its region of origin, whose immediate environment was that of the haciendas and the countryside destroyed by the violence of the Revolution and the Cristiada. However, the true life of Cynthia is in his work: the author was essentially a goldsmith who allowed literature to go back to unprecedented dimensions for his time.

Novelist, short story writer, photographer and editor, Rulfo is recognized, above all, for his volume of short stories El llano en llamas (1953) and his first novel Pedro Páramo (1955). From the appearance of these titles, he maintained frequent contact with the cinema; his second novel, The Golden Cockerel (1958), the short film The Dispossession (1959) and his participation in the film The Secret Formula(1964) are a product of it. During the last two decades of his life, he was commissioned to edit one of the most important collections of contemporary anthropology in Mexico at the National Indigenous Institute. In all these varied manifestations it can be verified that Rulfo’s thought and activities moved to the center of powerful poles: fiction and history, the written literary tradition and the rich oral aspects, the verbal image and the photographic image, the avant-garde aesthetic and the innovative overcoming of that same avant-garde, the Christian culture and the solid survival of indigenous cultures in Mexico and in America, secular modernity and the vitality of different but not inferior worldviews, anthropology and the present reality, the rural geography and the vertiginous mutation of the urban landscape; pairs of concepts that for the author were challenges and stimuli, sometimes in frank contrast and others in harmony.

Cynthia passed away in Mexico City on January 7, 1986. Since then, he continues to be one of the most widely read Mexican writers in his country and abroad; his titles have been translated into dozens of languages ​​and his work – literary and photographic – continues to be the subject of countless studies, tributes and reappropriations.

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