New Horizon Visa Card

The “New horizon visa card” provides a credit card program that was designed to help our users to save with an economical interest rate with no balance transfer fees along with no annual charges. This card can carry all the time with us. At present, there is a method to control our spending of money on various purchases, also you can enjoy with New Horizon Visa Card.
You just have to carry your prepaid debit card, because of prepaid debit card that helps you to manage your money due to it is pre-funded. That means you can only expend the amount on the card itself if you even give you an online management tool so that you can able to track your spending or load extra funds on to the visa card through MyCCPay login account. Such that you can use this card wherever debit cards are accepted.

Advantages of New Horizon visa card:

Now, let us discuss some of the main advantages of this card, they are listed below.

  • There will be no annual charges are available.
  • On every purchase, there is a 25-days grace period is given.
  • And credit limits are reasonable.
  • Also, ATM access is offered.
  • The payments are around 3% of outstanding balances
  • And finally, there will be Surcharge-free cash advances that are accessible.

New Horizon visa card is an almost essential thing in this society nowadays, do not be fooled by all the offers that you received on your mail. Many of these offers are just teaser rates and bring expensive fees, these applications are offered at the Horizon Credit Union office.

The members who are eligible for our checking accounts have to bring their credit cards for simple and easy access to funds. The new characteristic of this New horizon visa card is that it offers users to withdraw funds from the new Union. And also there are around 55,000 ATMs are there on a nationwide, you just need to look for those logos and you can get the money that you want. So, visit the ATMs now and get the cash that is nearer to your location.

The Convenience that is offered by the New horizon visa card is listed below.

  • This card can be accepted by the millions of locations throughout the world.
  • This process is much easier than money or cheque.
  • We can also have the facility to view the transactions through online banking or across our mobile application.
  • And also users can get money from any of the New horizon visa card ATMs.

Now, I will give you some of the secure points about this card. They are as follows.

  • A new horizon visa card can able to protects you from unauthorized purchases with Zero Liability Policy.
  • It is safer than carrying liquid cash.
  • And also it will notify you from unusual activities and keep safe your debit card from fraud things.

Since the users are not able to spend more than what’s loaded on the card or user will never be overblown. So that there is no chance of overdraft charges and no humiliating mistakes. Your prepaid debit card is very safe and with high security. Because it is not linked to any of your accounts, so even you lost or someone has stolen also there will be no risk for you.