Total Visa credit cards

The “Total Visa Card” is one of the expensive unsecured credit cards for people with bad credit. It does not need any applicants to place a refundable security deposit, but it does charge a huge amount of fee. Total Visa Credit card charges “program fee” of 89 dollars that is collected or accessed before account opening only.

Total Visa Card accepts applications from the people who are interested to take a true VISA credit card that does not need any perfect credit for approval. They have to give the report to all three credit bureaus. Now let us have a look at highlights of the Total Visa credit cards from exclusive MyCCPay login portal.

Highlights of Total Visa Credit cards:

There are some of the highlights of this card. They are listed below:

  • For checking account is needed.
  • It is a very simple and quick application process, the response can be provided in a fraction of seconds.
  • A genuine Total Visa credit card should be accepted by merchants nationwide across the USA and throughout the online.
  • The user can manage monthly payments.
  • After completion of the approval, we can simply pay a Program Fee to start your account and access your available credit.
  • It also offers you to report monthly to all three major credit bureaus.
  • And also user can select their favorite card design from their gallery for completely free.

But, unfortunately, there are many associated fees and high annual percentage rate can seriously hinder your credit-building efforts and outweigh the benefits of the card.

What you are looking for in Total Visa Credit Cards?

So, let us see some of its factors to consider. They are clearly explained as follows:

  1. High APR: For suppose, if you made a late payment, you need to pay a fee that includes APR of 34.99%, which can be significantly greater than more cards for building credit.
  2. Annual fee: The Total Visa credit cards come with the $75 intro annual fee for the starting first year and $48 for the followed years. This leads to bring your total annual fee to $123 from the second year on wards, and one more important note that you can observe another kind of credit-building options with no annual fee at all.
  3. Many fees: To the other side of monthly and annual fees, you will also pay some of the other fees. They are listed below:
  4. There will be a one-time program fee of $89.
  5. And also returned payment and late payment charges up to $40.
  6. For annual there will be an additional card cost of $29.
  7. A credit line increase fee of 20% of the amount will be enlarged.

Total Visa credit cards Features:

Below are some of the Total Visa credit cards Features of this card are given to know the more importance of this.

  • This card can be accepted by merchants in the USA and throughout the online.
  • The users can easily manage monthly or regular payments.
  • It is mandatory for account checking.
  • It automatically reports every month to all three major credit bureaus.

In a positive way, this Total Visa credit cards report user activity to all three main credit bureaus that are Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion that can help you to build your credit with the use of high responsibility card. Generally, the Total Visa credit cards are just an option whenever you have some financial issues in the past and now want to build your credit without maintaining a secured deposit.