Pay Less Taxes this year – Tax Deduction effects on the Economy

As the end of the year approaches, it is time to do accounts and think about the Treasury . What you do not do until December 31 will weigh on you in April when the time comes to make the 2019 income tax return. And it is that the personal income tax is paid from one year to the next , so you still have time to take letters in the affair. There are two ways to save on the tax return and with one you save much more than the other. The first and most common is to get … Read more

What can you do with a Credit Card and not with an ATM?

Credit or debit card? Better Visa or MasterCard? In the United States, we are not yet very accustomed to paying with plastic money, and therefore we still have certain doubts that in other countries would seem absurd. Let’s start with the most basic issues: debit card and ATM are the same things, therefore synonyms. The main (but not the only) difference between credit card and debit card is that with the former we can make purchases even if we do not have the money in the account because we pay the following month, while with the debit card we could … Read more

Online Payments – Safest Ways to Make Transactions

Nowadays, most of the transactions are Online Payments. E-commerce has grown a lot in recent times and is a sector that will continue to increase. The main reason is the rise of mobile devices and the Internet of Things and the possibilities they offer. They allow us to surf the Internet almost from anywhere, with a wide variety of applications and services. This facilitates, among other things, the possibility of buying quickly and comfortably from anywhere. However, this also causes us to exercise extreme caution. In this article, we are going to talk about the safest ways to make Online … Read more

Having Too Many Credit Cards Increases or Decreases the Score?

This is a question that may be yours, after all, it is that of many people. Is it good to have a large number of credit cards, or can it drop your score? Here we will do an analysis on this topic and we will finally answer the question that does not want to remain silent. After all, having too many credit cards increases or decreases the score? Popular belief often leads us to believe that having too many cards can lower your credit score. And that belief leads us to another question: How many credit cards can I have? … Read more

Bank Statement: Read and Analyze the Data and Dates

Do you know what a bank statement is? How to compose it? In this post, we explain what this important document consists of, its main elements and function. Bank Statement education It issues free of charge and maintains control of all the operations that are carried out. That represents variations whether positive or negative in the account balance. For a selected period of time, all operations will be performed regardless of size. Being able to consult the bank statement of each bank. Data Available in Bank Statement The data that the bank statement must contain are the following: Weight of … Read more

10 Best Credit Cards With No Annual Fee for 2020

The new year of 2020 is knocking on the door, and we hope that all 2019 problems will be solved. In addition, we hope that the American economy improves and that the people can live with more quality. In the financial sense, a good credit card is essential for making dreams come true. With that in mind, we selected the 10 best credit cards with no annual fee for 2020. The credit card is an excellent way to make installments and install the most expensive products, such as smartphones, computers, televisions and many other things you can buy. In addition, … Read more

Effective Annual Interest (APR) – Overview, Calculation, Insights

In general, the Annual Percentage Rate is also known as the Effective Annual Rate. This is a key figure for the total cost of the loan in relation to the loan amount and the entire term. The borrower should be able to determine which costs arise when using the loan and which annual charges are to be expected. Of course, the annual percentage rate should also make it easier to compare different loan offers. APR Composition Interest is the most important valuation factor when applying for a loan. For this reason, it is very important to be able to compare … Read more