10 Best Credit Cards With No Annual Fee for 2020

The new year of 2020 is knocking on the door, and we hope that all 2019 problems will be solved. In addition, we hope that the American economy improves and that the people can live with more quality. In the financial sense, a good credit card is essential for making dreams come true. With that in mind, we selected the 10 best credit cards with no annual fee for 2020.

The credit card is an excellent way to make installments and install the most expensive products, such as smartphones, computers, televisions and many other things you can buy. In addition, with a credit card, you can even have greater financial control over your expenses, as each purchase is recorded.

To Get a Credit Card With No Annual Fee, Take Care of Your Credit Score

It is essential to have a good credit card limit in order to make such purchases, and for that, you must pay attention to your credit score. If you want to know more about how to increase your credit score and achieve a good limit, see our tips here.

With these cards, you will not have to pay an annual fee, and you can use that money that you save to buy things you want and need. Without further ado, let’s get to know the best credit card options with no annual fee for 2020 that will enable you to make installment and installment purchases at no extra cost.

10 Best Credit Cards With No Annual Fee for 2020

Best credit cards

Next – Credit Card Without Annual Fee

First of all, let’s talk about Next, which changed a lot in 2019 and became the best credit card option with no annual fee for 2020. First of all, it is important to note that it is completely free of fees. In addition, it is a card that fills you with exclusive treats, such as discounts on several partners and cashback.

In addition, Next also provides great financial control through the application. And it is in the application that you do everything you need: Access and pay your invoice, view your next invoices, request limit increase and receive support in support. Next is owned by Bradesco, but the bank promised that in 2020 it will give fintech independence.

Banco Inter – Credit Card Without Annual Fee

Second comes one that those who follow my articles must have imagined that they would be here, in the first places on the list. An excellent option for those who want a credit card with no annual fee and fully digital is the Banco Inter credit card. I highly recommend this card to anyone who has a low score, as I was approved on it with around 400 points in the Experian score, and with a good limit.

In addition, there are many advantages of Banco Inter’s credit card, such as the stability of many years in the market (there are 24 years), cashback on your purchases, a fully digital card and exclusive advantages with partners in the Super App.

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Nubank – Credit Card With No Annual Fee

Thirdly, I bring you the Nubank, the most famous digital card in Brazil, and a dream for many people. In fact, many thought he would be in the first place, but not. Although it has more than 5 million satisfied customers, Next and Inter brought important news this year, which is why they deserved the first two places.

But back to Nubank. the reasons for the satisfaction of its customers are the absence of annual fees on an international credit card, total control of all card operations, as well as their expenses in real-time directly through the application, and even with contactless approach MyCCPay official Site payment technology.


This card, which belongs to Banco CBSS, managed by the holding company Elopar, whose shareholders are Bradesco and Banco do Brasil, is one of Nubank’s biggest competitors, and an excellent option for those looking for a credit card with no annual fee. Digio is international and all of its operations are controlled by the application. Dígio is also famous for granting good credit limits and allowing you to increase your limit through the app. And if the app doesn’t offer a limit increase, you can check out our tips on how to get more credit limit on Digio.

C6 Bank

Here is a good option for those with low scores. The C6 Bank approves easily and provides a great service credit. With it, you will have absolute control through the fintech app, in addition to a credit card with no annual fee and contactless approach payment technology.

Credicard Zero Card

Another excellent option for those looking for a card with no annual fee is Credicard Zero. This card offers its customers discounts on Uber, Decolar.com, Netshoes, Magazine Luiza, Extra, among other partners. In addition, you control everything through the mobile application, that is, it is a 100% digital credit card and with contactless approach payment technology.

Pag Card

Another credit card with no annual fee and totally digital is the pag! A member of the Avista Group, a corporation with more than 20 years of history, the card offers total control through the application on the smartphone. This card also offers a good credit limit and the possibility to request an increase.

And according to the CEO of pag!, Felipe Félix, we can expect good news in 2020. He guarantees that the company is entering a new phase, offering customers an even more robust structure in technology and with a much more focused look at people, branding and marketing.

My Card

My card is an international credit card with no annual fee and has the payment technology for a contactless approach. Namely, it is owned by Renner stores (it is usually offered to customers of the store’s credit card), it is an excellent option for those who have a low credit score and who have difficulties in being approved on other cards.

First of all, to request your card, go directly to one of the Renner Stores with the documents in hand (RG and CPF) and wait for the credit analysis. And it’s really worth it because in Renner’s physical stores you can buy up to 5x interest-free, 8x interest-free or up to 10x interest-free when it comes to perfumery, beauty and watches. However, at Renner’s online store you can buy up to 10x interest-free. And it’s not just at Renner, you can buy with My Card at any establishment that accepts the Visa banner.

BMG Card MasterCard

If you are retired, pensioner or work as a public servant, the BMG Card is a payroll card, that is, you will not even worry about paying the invoice, as it automatically deducts the invoice amount from your salary or benefit. Also, don’t worry about your score, as it can even be a great credit card option for negatives.

Santander Free Card

The last credit card with no annual fee on our list, but no less important, is Santander Free. In addition, it is a great option for those who have a low score and is not being approved on other cards like Nubank or Dígio, which is reputed to be more demanding.

Contrary to what many people think, to apply for the Santander Free card it is not necessary to be an account holder at Banco Santander, although this helps with approval, of course. In addition, with Santander Free, you control everything through the application.

However, it should be noted that Santander Free is not entirely free of charge, but it can be, you just need to spend at least R $ 100 on it every month and you will be free of the fee.

Anyway, did you like to know which are the best credit cards with no annual fee for 2020?