Building the Flow of Money in your Business Model

Since the first episode here of the smart investor we have built a progression that starts in the mindset of the smart investor. I say this, because before talking about the various investments themselves, it is necessary to build this mentality. The smart investor knows that it is necessary to have the fundamentals on how to deal with the money and not only the technical knowledge on each type of existing investment. In today’s episode we will reflect on the types of cash flow and which one the investor should look for. To recapitulate one of the points of our … Read more

Time Management – Eliminate Biggest Energy Thieves of Your Life

You probably live with one of the biggest energy thieves out there and it’s all your fault. Simply because you don’t worry about having good time management. I explain. Do you know when you’re at work , but thinking about the many things you need to do when you get home? Or when you’re at home, thinking about the jobs from that online course you signed up for? Or when you’re sitting ready to study and start sketching what you need to do the next day when you get to work? Yeah. If this happens to you, chances are you … Read more

Speak Fluent English – Make your Dreams come True

Everyone wants to know how to speak fluent English. Fluency in English is increasingly required by the job market. You will hardly find a job opportunity, with the chances of having a successful career. The language is not requested at least at an intermediate level. Learn to Speak Fluent English In addition, large companies demand, without exception, fluency in the language. With globalization, we are getting closer to the rest of the world. Knowing how to talk in more than one language has become essential. Learning a new way of expressing yourself will open many doors to information. With English, … Read more

Communication Skills – Develop your Personality

Communication skills are all the capacities that allow communication between people. In the business field, it is a highly relevant element. Since it depends on the effectiveness and success of the agreements or negotiations that you want to reach with others. Generally, communication skills are measured by a person’s level of competence and skills in reference to a specific issue. Winston Churchill or Martin Luther King Jr. are two of the most recognized people with communication skills in history. Their abilities allowed them to inspire others to action, make the communication process smooth, regardless of the circumstances, and foster new … Read more

Financial Decisions That Will Positively Impact Your Pocket

When it comes to improving our personal finances, we have many alternatives on hand. They all sound easy on paper. But, when the time comes to put these financial decisions into practice. Countless excuses arise that keep us from prospering economically. That is why if we want to positively impact our bank account. We will not only have to make a series of important financial decisions. But, we must also give up those excuses that have stalled us. Financial Decisions to Improve Your Personal Finances: In this article, we will share those financial decisions that will have a positive effect … Read more

The Superiority of Internet Banking Without Traditional Banking

Internet banking is a key tool in an era that no longer leave home without your mobile and do not understand life without talking everything on the Internet. How would your finances be the exception? Online banks are the ones that most difficult on this service, investing in platforms with high usability, with greater functionalities and increasing the possibilities of easily contracting everything online. Top 10 assets of Internet Banking Online services are revolutionizing the way citizens manage their finances. Internet banking has also managed to change the model of relationships between banks and customers. For both reasons, in addition … Read more