Social Security Number – Why and Where it can be Used

Have you ever wondered what’s your Social Security or SSN number is for? Social Security Number (SSN for short) is an 11-digit number that identifies you to the IMSS to quote points throughout your working life.

It is important to have it, and also, only have one number, not multiple. In this post, we explain what it is for, what happens if you have more than one and how to get it.

Social Security Number

Social Security Number identifies you as a worker and it serves three main things:

  1. To be attended at and manage the necessary procedures said by the institution.
  2. Acquire a credit based on your quoted work weeks or points.
  3. Have an AFORE and save based on your work time and voluntary contributions.

Basically, social security number allows you to have access to health services, home purchases and retirement savings, all based on your work history.

It is very important to verify that even if you change jobs, the company where you work does not generate a new social security number. We all have a single SSN, as it is similar to just having a CURP or an RFC.

If you will have two or more SSN. Then, all your points would be distributed in multiple accounts. It makes you not be able to accumulate points as they should be.

If you change jobs. Just let your boss or Human Resources know that you already have a number and provide them.

Keep in mind that you will continue to accumulate points in your SSN or “contributing” while you are actively working.

If you quit or are discharged from your job. Then, your status will be “inactive”.

You can re-register when you have a new job, becoming “active” once again.

Don’t worry, you don’t start from zeros. Your points and savings are cumulative.

How Do I Get My Social Security Number?

First, check the portal if there is already an SSN in your name. You can do that by clicking on this link. By entering your full name (without accents) and date of birth. The system will automatically tell you if you already have one or not.

Second, consider your work condition: do you have an employer, are you an entrepreneur, or are you a self-employed person? If you are a salaried worker, ask your employer to register as their worker.

Some employers have doubts about whether or not to do it. But, you can dispel their doubts by commenting on the advantages of registering.

In addition to the fact that it is an employer’s obligation to register as a worker. Your payroll will be 100% tax-deductible for your employer (keep this in mind in case you are the employer).

These are the steps to register, according to the article of My Own Boss. 

Considering everything that the employer and the worker have to do:

As a pattern:

  • Being a moral person and being constituted.
  • Proof of address.
  • Describe the heading of the company.
  • Fill the IMSS form.
  • Register at least one employee.

Like an employer:

  • If it is your first job, register in the IMSS pre-affiliation.
  • Present your birth certificate, proof of address and CURP.
  • Verify your corresponding subdelegation. If you don’t know which one belongs to you, click here.

What if I Am an Independent Worker or Entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur with a moral person. You simply register as an employee of your own company. Then, start trading with your usual SSN.

If you are an independent worker, according to the IMSS. You can resort to Voluntary Incorporation to the Compulsory Social Security Regime.

This scheme is designed for those who call an urban non-salaried worker. Those merchants, professionals, or craftsmen who do not receive a salary from an employer.

It is important to emphasize that to enjoy these benefits, the independent worker must be formalized before the SAT. If you previously worked for an employer, your SSN remains the same.

If you do not have an SSN, then you must register it under the regime that the IMSS mentions.

All the documentation you need and steps to complete this process as an independent worker are outlined in this link. Remember that all these procedures are free. Don’t let them charge you for doing them for you, as it is illegal to sell Social Security related services.

If you want to check your contribution status. You can do it through Portal. Taking advantage of the fact. You can also verify your points to obtain a credit on this link. You only need your SSN to verify it.

Remember that all Mexicans have the right to health, housing and retirement savings. Whether you are an employee, an entrepreneur or an independent worker. You just have to verify your status and take charge of your job’s point price. Fail now!