Emergency Savings

Emergency savings are a must for any financial plan. Unexpected costs like medical bills, car repairs, or job loss can be a disaster if you’re not ready. An emergency savings account gives you a financial cushion to handle these unexpected costs without going into debt or taking from your long-term savings. Creating an emergency fund is the first step to a secure financial base. Save three to six months — or more — of living expenses so you have cash during times of trouble. Make sure you have enough so you don’t need to take from other sources. Building up … Read more

High Inflation and Its Causes

Inflation is a rise in prices over a period of time. It can cause harm to the economy and become too high, resulting in economic upheaval or depression. This article examines the causes of inflation, its effects and solutions. Definition of Inflation Economists define inflation as a sustained rise in prices of goods and services across an economy. This increase in money circulating leads to a decrease in purchasing power. The inflation rate is the percentage change in average prices over time. For example, if there has been a 3% increase in prices compared to last year, the inflation rate … Read more

Credit Report

Your credit report is a record of your credit background. Money lenders utilize it to work out your creditworthiness. It lets them know how likely you are to pay back a loan or credit card debt. It has info like your current and past loans, payment record, credit limits & inquiries. Knowing what’s on your credit report can help you manage it and check MyCCPay official site info is correct. What information is included in a credit report A credit report holds a thorough account of an individual’s credit past. It is made up of several components such as: All … Read more

What Happens if You Never Pay Your Credit Card Bill

Credit card debt can be daunting. If not handled carefully, it can lead to serious consequences. Are you aware of the effects of not paying your credit card bill? Let’s look at what could happen. No payments on the credit card bill leads to long-term negative impacts on your finances and life. It’s essential to act timely and responsibly. Understand the consequences of not paying your credit card bill If you can’t pay your credit card bill, it’s important to know what might happen. Unpaid debt can have long-term effects. Straight away, there may be minor MyCCPay official site consequences. … Read more

The Iconic Green Card of American Express turns 50

For 50 years, the “green card” of American Express has accompanied its users where they wanted to go. Created in 1969, it gave travelers a sense of importance that exceeded that of traveler’s checks and was surrounded by a special aura. In recent times, however, it went to the background, displaced by the Gold and Platinum cards of American Express. Now, the green card is being renewed to catch up, with a new look, more benefits for travelers and, of course, a higher annual rate. The most radical change is that from now on you will not have to pay … Read more

Customer Service – Importance, Principles and Things to Do

Much is said about providing Good Customer Service. But, How to do this in practice? What do you need to know in order to provide quality care? In this article, we develop the main points on this subject. So, you know everything. Entrepreneurs and managers need to be concerned with how to provide customer service. This concern is important, as more and more customers demand excellence in the quality of service. This scenario has contributed thanks to the possibility of access to information. That is, customers can now have more details. Due to digital tools, such as the internet. Following … Read more

Customer Loyalty – Easily Beat the Competition in your Business

Achieving Customer Loyalty today is like a card up your sleeve for any company to get ahead of the competition. The market is increasingly competitive and, therefore, it is necessary that you carry out a set of actions that will aim to achieve the loyalty of your customers. That way, your customers will buy more, more often, and are even more likely to resist competing offers. See an illustration of how the need for loyalty is present in our day-to-day. Customer Loyalty Loyalty is making your product, service and customer service so special that when your customer needs them again, … Read more

Control of Personal Expenses: Keeping them Organized

Who has never dreamed of organizing financial life once and for all? Know that this is an achievable goal for those who control the way they spend their own money. After all, spending control is useful for many purposes: investing and making a financial return, creating an emergency reserve, buying a property and much more. Thinking about it, we created this text to show you how to make good control of personal expenses. Thus, it will be possible to take advantage of the countless benefits that this practice brings. Maintaining Organized Spending Control? First of all, think about your wardrobe. … Read more

HSBC will Replace its head of Investment Banking

HSBC plans to replace the head of its investment bank, who has long held the position, before a major restructuring that will result in the loss of large-scale jobs, in the unit he led for almost 10 years. It is expected to Samir Assaf, head of global banking and markets, be transferred to a non-executive position in the division, as part of a series of changes in the management team of the group, as interim CEO Noel Quinn leaves his Footprint in the bank, according to people who have information on the matter. HSBC declined to comment. Changes at the … Read more

Former Citibank personal banking customers migrate to Colpatria

As of Friday, November 1, former Citibank consumer and SME customers will be migrated to the technology and transactional platform of Scotiabank Colpatria, an entity that in January 2018 kept these two businesses of the US entity in Colombia. Until now, and as part of the agreement between the two entities, these clients continued to use Citibank’s platforms for their transactions, while in Scotiabank Colpatria the necessary adjustments were made to incorporate them into their portfolio that will add a total of about 4 million customers. “From November 1, all payments and transfers must be directed as a bank to … Read more

The Irish Central Bank sanctions Wells Fargo

Ireland’s central bank imposed a fine of 5.9 million euros on Wells Fargo for “particularly serious” failures in its operation in Dublin, the second-highest fine imposed by the Irish regulator. The government and Wells controls at its Dublin subsidiary, which serves corporate clients throughout the European Union, were so inadequate that the company “did not detect its own lack of compliance,” the central bank said in a statement. Regulatory breaches, which the bank admitted, include failures in capital reports and liquidity tests, lack of robust advice and weak internal documentation processes. The failures reflect a “bad culture of compliance in … Read more

Former General Manager of the Association of Banks: Statement

According to the Debt Report 2018 presented by the Superintendence of Banks and Financial Institutions – the last one published -, in the country there were 4.6 million debtors to the banking sector; 850,000 people with debts in issuers of non-bank cards, and 86,000 debtors in credit unions; but there is a black figure that is not found in any report: that of people who turn to lenders outside the system and who do not respond to any type of regulation. Alejandro Alarcon, former general manager of the Association of Banks, refers to this phenomenon, who believes that many credit … Read more

Mastercard chooses Brazil for Company’s Future

Mastercard chooses Brazil to launch its benefits interface. The solution, which can also be seen as a “mall” or a “marketplace” of services and advantages, is one of the best for the company’s future amid the digital transformation of payment methods in the world. This bet was revealed, still in October 2018, to Gazeta do Povo by the company’s president and CEO for Brazil and the Southern Cone, Joao Pedro Paro Neto, but it is only beginning to be put into practice. Brazil was chosen because the country is now the second-largest market for Mastercard, second only to the United … Read more

Simple Advices to Increase Your Credit Card Limit

The credit card is a great ally, in many moments. But, it requires a lot of financial discipline to not end up in debt. Many people want to increase their credit card limit and, consequently, their purchasing power. The reasons for going in search of increasing the card limit are diverse, from the desire to travel abroad, acquire a good, or even to maintain status. This article aims to help you reach your goal, for that we have listed 8 ways on how to increase your credit card limit. Establish Credit Limit To better understand your card limit, you need … Read more

Credit Cards Compared: How to Calculate Costs and Benefits

The payment card market is constantly expanding and choosing the most convenient credit card is a difficult operation. There are several cost items that affect the convenience of the product and therefore it is necessary to keep in mind to understand the differences between the different credit cards. In evaluating the convenience of a credit card, we often stop on the most well-known cost items: the annual fee and the issue fee, without considering some commissions, such as for example the cash advance or for refueling, which in the recurrent use of the card could significantly affect the annual cost. … Read more

All Commissions your Bank is Charging you without you Noticing

The six main Spanish banks entered more than 11,000 million euros in commissions during the first half of 2019. With increasingly narrow margins, furious competition increased by the emergence of fintech, fragile stock exchange and a hostile environment for business with interest rates on land, in the sector they are clear: bet on commissions. There is even talk of a general rise in them. Charge for deposits Reduction of expenses, the closing of offices, massive pre-retirement … The bank no longer knows where to throw to remain competitive, to keep pace with benefits. So more or less imaginative or controversial … Read more

Counseling to Pay off Credit Card Debts?

A credit card can be a great ally for those who want more convenience, ease to buy online, travel or install large purchases, but pay attention to expenses because it is very easy to lose control, especially when making installment purchases, and to contract a card debt. credit. Last year, 8 out of 10 Americans had credit card debts and this is increasingly common. Many people are even so concerned that they are developing depression because of debt. If you are part of this group, don’t worry! Everything has away. The important thing is not to get discouraged, to raise … Read more

Savings Account – Must for Every Working Employee

Savings account makes the amounts deposited. Depending on the rates of return, they provide and the size of the investment occupied. Discover how they do it! Making your savings grow alone is not a fantasy. Through the use of savings accounts, most banking institutions can offer protection to the money that you keep each month. In addition to making it invest. So, you get an additional percentage of the earnings that you initially deposited in your account. This is how savings account work: Select the Account You Want to Open This will depend on the banks you have in mind … Read more